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My basic question to the customers is 'Tell me how you do your job'. " The very fact of making a process more efficient probably means a reduction in the customer's processing staff. "It can be difficult," Ray noted. "Sometimes people with 30 years of service in that department are let go. They and their friends are resistant. I often need to work through the customer's management to deal with that. " Ray manages a small staff whose job is mainly to code. His own day starts at about 7:30 AM when he puts on his manager's hat, "monitoring where we are on our long term schedule and assuring that the developers are on the correct tracks.

Robin Krantz is one of these engineers. Robin came to the Raytheon after graduating from the University of Michigan in 1995. Robin's initial coursework focused on business until she took her first programming course and loved it. Following in her parent's foot steps, she majored in Computer Science. During the summer breaks, she gained computer experience working on a nation-wide reservation system for a large auto rental company. Looking for a career position, Robin knew she wanted to work for a large company that offered a variety of challenging opportunities.

This can be a difficult judgment to make. "A component with one flaw per million is much more expensive than a similar component with 50 flaws per million. The decision on the quality needed for each component involves a lot of money," Tony explained. " Variety is one of the things Tony loves about his job "One day I am knee deep in data and the next day I am speaking with assembly workers about bolts" Tony commented. Impact is another attraction. "One little problem can cause a huge ripple effect that could hurt my company, our vendors, everybody.

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