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By Jens Herzer

A little-known textual content of Hellenistic Judaism, four Baruch (or Paraleipomena Jeremiou) displays the location in Palestine at the eve of the Bar-Kokhba struggle by means of retelling the tale of the Babylonian captivity of the Jewish humans. missed for a lot too lengthy, four Baruch is now made obtainable to students and scholars alike via a serious version of the Greek textual content, a brand new English translation, and a considerable remark in this early Jewish writing of the start of the second one century C.E. The observation elaborates its ancient and literary environment and gives a theological interpretation of its non secular rules. at the foundation of his shut and cautious analyzing of the textual content, Jens Herzer argues for the elemental integrity of four Baruch as a real Jewish paintings that used to be preserved after the struggle by way of a Christian team that still further a Christian finishing.

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Barou,c\ evpeidh. n dia. to. n( eiv mh. evgw. j pu,laj auvth/j) 9 VAna,sthqi ou=n( kai. c( kai. Title A B C; eth Rest of the words of Baruch, not the apocryphal, concerning the time when they were in the Babylonian captivity (cf. Gebhardt]); d e Menaea (Harris) thn dunamin twn Caldaiwn kuklwsai authn; C add anastantej exelqate || 4 apekriqh A B; C elalhsen | apekriqh – legwn: R apokriqeij o Ieremiaj elalhsen proj kurion legwn | parakalw: R parakalo | epitreyon moi A B; C keleuson me | tw doulw sou A B P eth arm; C om | enwpion sou A B; C logon enantion sou | de: C R eth (Harris Kraft) add autw | lalei: R lalhson || 5 elalhsen A B; C eipen | Ieremiaj: A B o Ieremiaj | legwn A B; C om | paradidwj A; B paradidhj; C paradidoij; R mh paradwseij | polin: R (eth) add sou tauthn | ina: R add mh | meta – autou A B eth; R om tou laou; P his multitude; arm multitude of his troops; C om; || 6 mou: R add kurie | sou1: B R son | sou2: C om | estin: R add toutou || 7 kurioj C; A B o kurioj | tw Ieremia A B; C R proj Ieremian | su1: R om | anasta A B; C anasthqi | ek thj polewj tauthj: eth om | apolw B C R; A om | katoikountwn A B; C enoikountwn | auth: A add apollw || 8 eij authn A B; C proj authn; R en auth | anoixw taj pulaj authj A B; C anoixw autoij taj pulaj; R anuxw authj taj pulaj || TEXT AND TRANSLATION 3 THE MATTERS OMITTED FROM JEREMIAH THE PROPHET 1:1 It came to pass, when the children of Israel were taken captive by the king of the Chaldeans, (that) God spoke to Jeremiah, “Jeremiah, my chosen one, get up (and) depart from this city, you and Baruch, since I am going to destroy it because of the multitude of the sins of those who dwell in it.

Nat. ” Go and plant your plant and after that go forth to receive him. 94 The tradition established by ben Zakkai in Yavneh was continued by Gamaliel II, a son of the last leader of the Sanhedrin. Under Gamaliel’s leadership the Yavneh school won more influence. E. stands in stark contrast to a contemporaneous movement: continued opposition against Roman rule. E. E. ). The former was a series of rebellions in the Diaspora during a military action by Trajan in the Orient; the latter was concentrated in the Palestine homeland.

Mh. kauca,sqwsan oi` para,nomoi( kai. Gebhardt oti hdunhqhmen) | TEXT AND TRANSLATION 11 Jeremiah sent Abimelech away, saying, “Take the basket and go to the estate of Agrippa by the mountain trail; bring a few figs in it and give (them) to the sick among the people. ” 16 And he went away as he told him. 4:1 And when morning came, behold, the host of the Chaldeans surrounded the city. ”2 2 So, the king entered with his multitude and took all the people captive. 3 And Jeremiah took the keys of the temple, went outside the city, and threw them into the presence of the sun, saying, “To you I say, O Sun, take the keys of the temple of God and guard them until the day when the Lord will ask you for them.

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