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By W. T. Jones, Robert J. Fogelin

Learning the philosophy of the 20th century is an issue of being surrounded by means of bushes to such an quantity that it truly is tricky to make out the form of the woods as a complete. however, regardless of all of the range of activities and colleges into which they're divided, we will be able to nonetheless make out that philosophy in our instances has a land of harmony. within the first position, when you consider that philosophy by no means develops in a vacuum yet is a part of the continuing tradition, the entire a number of faculties of twentieth-century philosophy have, because it have been, a twentieth-century glance. This precise glance effects from the truth that all twentieth-century philosophers, even if a lot they range philosophically, are resonating with and responding to the deep issues of the society of which they seem to be a part—its ambivalence towards technological know-how, its preoccupation with language, its fear over recognition, and its lack of confidence...

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They condemn the Pelagians and others who deny that this original defect is sin, and, to belittle the glory of the merit and benefits of Christ, assert that human beings are able to be justified before God by reason and their own powers. 31 32 1 Notebook 1 : 7 · 1833–34 [a] Messianic psalms: 2, 16, 22, 40, 45, 69, 72, 109, 110. a 5 10 15 20 2 Sam 7:16: Your (David’s) house and your kingdom shall be made sure forever before me; your throne shall be established forever. Hosea 3:5: The Israelites will first be depraved, then return to Jehovah and their King David.

Although reference is thus made to the O. T. narrative in order to show how sin is inseparable from hum. nature, no more precise explanation of this narrative is found in the N. T. The later doctrine of the Fall as the complete ruination of hum. — § 35. In the light of the preceding account, the chief ideas of the Chr. doctrine are to be found in the following points: 1) that both in the whole and in the individual, sinfulness must be regarded as something received by nature and as something self-caused, based in an erroneous development of the original disposition; 2) that sinfulness must be regarded as a disturbance in the hum.

7 ‰Ï' ‡&˘Ÿ Ï·+‡' È- ·Ÿ–χŒ „¯+‡+ ÈÎ-] Hebrew, I shall go down to Sheol to my son, mourning. 8 χ&˘Ÿ . . χ˘] Hebrew, Sheol . . require or demand 8 poscere] Latin, to require, to demand 9 ÏÂ& ˘] Hebrew, Sheol, kingdom of the dead 12 ÈÁ*–ÏÎ'ÏŸ „Ú+Â& Ó ˙È·+] Hebrew, to the house appointed for all living 13 ˙ÂŒ Ó'‰*–ȯ+Ú/˘'] Hebrew, the gates of death 13 χ&˘Ÿ ȯ+Ú/˘*·Ÿ ‰Î'Ï+ ‡+] Hebrew, I depart to the gates of death. 16 χ&˘Ÿ Ș+ÓŸÚ-·Ÿ] Hebrew, in the depths of Sheol 16 ÌÈ- Ó* ˙Á*z*Ó-] Hebrew, below the waters 18 ˙ÂŒ Ó'ÏŸ ˆ*Ÿ ͢ŒÁ& ˆ¯Œ‡Œ–χŒ] Hebrew, to the land of gloom and deep darkness 20 Ìȇ-Ù'¯' .

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