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When we talk about hill of vision the most important points to be focussed are the height of hill of vision and the smooth contour of the hill of vision. The change in the retinal sensitivity will affect either the height of hill of vision or the smooth contour of the hill of vision or both. To express the height of hill of vision and the contour of hill of vision the global indices are developed. The mean deviation index expresses the change in the height of hill of vision and the PSD expresses the change in smoothness of the contour of the hill of vision.

2. 3. Full Threshold strategy (1983) FAST PAC (1991) SITA Standard (1997) SITA Fast (1997) (SITA means Swedish Interactive Threshold Algorithm) Threshold determination at a visual field point P, open circle indicates patient response to stimulus. Filled circle indicates no response to stimulus. Down arrow indicates stimuli decreasing in 4 dB steps. Up arrow indicates stimuli increasing in 2 dB steps. Numbers indicate order of stimulus presentation. 20 Staircase method (Bracketing method) of detecting threshold.

The third situation (advanced cases of glaucoma): In this situation our aim is to know how much central field is retained around the fixation spot. For this we have to go for 10-2 point pattern. ) When the patient has advanced glaucomatous optic atrophy the first thing we should do is to test the central 10° field. The central 10-2 consists of 68 test points with 2° resolution. If the field defect is so advanced that most points have sensitivity less than 10 to 15 decibels, it is then preferable to use macular program.

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