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It uses the timeline metaphor when you create animations and includes drawing tools. Flex Builder, on the other hand, is designed for application development, not animation creation. Flex Builder doesn’t include any drawing tools, and it has no timeline. If you have to decide between Flex and Flash for a specific project, think about exactly what kind of project you’re working on. Flex excels when you’re creating large desktop-like applications, sharing work among a team of developers, or visualizing data with charts and graphs.

Flex versus AJAX Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (AJAX) is a technique that you can use to load data into HTML Web pages without refreshing the full page. Instead of sending a new HTML page to the user’s Web browser for every change, AJAX applications send XML asynchronously and update relevant portions of the screen when needed. By using AJAX, you often end up with a much more responsive user interface and a more desktop-like application experience. Flex applications also asynchronously load XML data.

Giving you a comprehensive list of all events and event types is beyond the scope of this book, although in Part III, we touch on the common events for many of the framework controls. Adding event listeners with ActionScript You can also add event listeners with ActionScript rather than with MXML tags. All Flex components have a method named addEventListener that you can use. When you call addEventListener, you have to specify which event you’re listening for and the handler function that runs when the event is dispatched.

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