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Brian King has spent an entire life both considering, or really construction, version boats. This booklet is the results of that lifes paintings, in addition to 25 years adventure as a knowledgeable engineer and a school lecturer in engineering. It tackles complex thought and perform for the maritime modeller and the authors personal philosophy on model-making. The e-book covers the philosophy of model-making construction static and dealing versions, discovering assets of knowledge and interpreting drawings. within the workshop, the initiatives contain fabrics, hulls, superstructure and decks, armament, ships boats, completing and portray, etching and making glass show circumstances. The complex concept and procedure during this publication is basically according to the authors personal very advanced modelling tasks, together with Victorian warships Devastation and sumptuous, twentieth century ships Belfast and Queen Elizabeth, the pre-war plane provider wonderful and the battleship Anson, in addition to scale version RNLI lifeboats together with Grace Darlings well-known coble.

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Question 26. Is the Automatic Identification System (AIS) being fitted to all ships? Answer: No. Vessels less than 500 grt are not required to have AIS. Question 27. What is the compass error and when do you apply it? Answer: The compass error is obtained by taking an azimuth or amplitude or by making a comparison on the chart with a known bearing. The error is made up of the algebraic sum of Variation and Deviation and is used to convert ‘compass’ bearings and courses to ‘true’ directions, and vice versa, true to compass.

How would you check that the Index Error so obtained, is correct? Answer: Add the two readings together and divide by 4. The result should equal the sun’s semi-diameter of the day in question. This can subsequently be compared with the Nautical Almanac to see if correct. 1 should equal the sun’s semi-diameter of the day). 4 QUESTIONS FOR THE RANK OF OFFICER OF THE WATCH 19 Question 22. When engaged in manual radar plotting operations, an OAW triangular plotting format is established. What do OA, WA and OW represent?

Huddle other people around the chilled person to generate body warmth. • Ensure that the entrances to the survival craft are battened down in order to raise the internal temperature of the raft. FIRE-FIGHTING APPLIANCES AND REGULATIONS Question 1. Answer: What is contained in the ship’s fireman’s outfits? A fireman’s suit with boots and gloves; a Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA); harness and safety line; a protective helmet; safety lamp; and a fireman’s hand axe with insulated handle. 32 THE SEAMANSHIP EXAMINER Question 2.

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