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By W. Leggett

This well timed booklet assesses the legacy of either the 3rd manner and its critics. reading the connection among social conception and political approach, it outlines the root of a post-New Labour venture. Collapsing the limits among sociology and political technological know-how, this booklet is key analyzing for an individual drawn to center-left renewal.

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Numerous lists of values, and various attempts to define in a priori terms what is meant by equal worth or community, have an arbitrary, ‘back of an envelope’ feel. Consequently, charges of the empty use of slogans have been persistently made against New Labour and Third Way rhetoric. This is particularly the case with the range of secondary concepts that are often used as the means to achieving normative ends. These include ‘partnership’, ‘modernisation’ and, during the 2001 and 2005 general election campaigns, ‘aspiration’.

A consistent set of themes has emerged, refuting charges of there being no normative core to the Third Way. Shrewder critics have perceived this; former Deputy Labour Leader Roy Hattersley has continually pointed out from his Guardian column that the problem is not that Blair has no beliefs – but that they are the wrong beliefs for a social democrat worthy of the name. 3 The most quoted statement of Third Way values, which does overlap with that of Giddens, is Blair’s short 1998 Fabian pamphlet.

31 Third Wayers see the ‘facts’ of economic globalisation as both inevitable and constraining for social democratic politics. Nevertheless, they are explicitly committed to globalisation, pointing to the increases in living standards that free trade can produce. Giddens is clear that ‘Economic globalisation, by and large, has been a success. ’32 The implications of this model of economic globalisation for the categories of left and right are farreaching, involving elements of undermining, reconfiguring and recombining the left–right axis.

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