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Nevertheless, the landmarks are there, hidden in reports of other expeditions, in family traditions about grandfather's farm, in archaeological site files. It is the adventure of piecing together this sprawling puzzle, the hard work and hot days, the hidden clues, the kindhearted help of strangers, and the blind luck that I want to share with you. Page xvii ACKNOWLEDGMENTS An enormous number of people contributed to the research that went into this book. I am especially indebted to my colleagues Mildred Wedel, Waldo Wedel, David Weber, David Lyon, Bill Unrau, John Ludwickson, Tom Witty, Douglas Parks, John Koontz, and Bob Blasing.

The others proved inaccurate as well. Elizabeth John (1975: 156) thinks the 1695 report may have been a distorted version of the Spanish visit to Quivira. An account of cannons, carbines, and powder flasks being taken from Frenchmen by Navajos during attacks on Pawnee settlements (Thomas 1935: 14) is probably a similar echo from the massacre of René-Robert Cavelier, Sieur de La Salle's colony on the Texas coast by the local tribes. For a time, New Mexico remained distant from the sphere of French operations.

Some may have been kept by the Pueblo inhabitants, but the main demand came from among the colonists, who used the captives as household servants or sold them in the slave marts in the mining country. Forced labor, tribute, slavery, and the repression of native religions fueled resentment of the Spaniards in the Pueblo world. Repeated tremors unsettled the colony prior to the main shock in 1680. Plans for revolution had been uncovered and stifled during the governorship of Fernando de Argüello (1644-1647), again in 1650, and during the governorships of Fernando de Villanueva (1665-1668) and Juan Francisco de Treviño (1675-1677)(Sánchez 1987: 130-132).

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