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The Illustrated Dictionary of artwork and Archaeology includes definitions of millions of phrases and greater than seven hundred illustrations dedicated to a wide base of material below the commonly- inclusive heading of paintings and Archaeology. incorporated during this definitive paintings are phrases utilized in structure and in such similar topics as pottery, dress, furnishings, armor, heraldry, weaving, decoration, jewellery, track, and ecclesiastical ritual. Needlework, ivories, goldsmithery, and pigments also are largely handled, as are Greek, Roman, and Christian antiquities. the entire compilations that went into the whole paintings have been drawn from top professionals in all of the targeted topic branches.

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Armilastrium. A Roman festival for the purification of arms. Arming Points. The "points" or ties of armour. Armiofl. handles. Cloth or velvet coverings for pike- Armory, Her. (1) Heraldry. (2) A list of names and titles with the arms belonging to them. Armour, Arms. In almost every deposit where prehistoric remains are buried, we find clubs, hatchets, arrows, hammers, or other arms, mostly, even in the stone age, carefully ornamented. The ancient Egyptians were armed with "the bow, spear, two species of javelin, sling, a short and straight sword, dagger, knife, falchion, axe or hatchet, battle-axe, pole-axe, mace or club, &c.

Roman game of ball for two Arenaria, R. persons ; it derived its name from the fact that the ball was made to rebound from the ground (arena). cloth of gold, elaborately figured, Arest3. 13th century. It is not to used for vestments. be confounded with arras. ; A A Arezzo Va c e. Many A red lustred ware orna- mented in relief, and show evident traces of Greek origin. (Fig. ) ; The arcosolia in which paintings, and mosaics. Christians of small means were buried are constructed in the walls of the passages in the catacombs.

Contraction of bas-chevaliers poor knights ; distinct from knights bannerets, who were also termed rich knights. Baccelleria, Med. Lat. The order of bachelors. Thus we read, : " La flor de France mentioned in a MS. of the 13th century. The of bag-gamon is first found in 1646. Baculum, Baculus, R. A general term to denote any kind of staff, except such as form the insignia of any rank or office, or are employed name in certain professions. Badges.

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