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Ments. Usually, the left half or the controlling side of a controlled source is not explicitly shown in circuit diagrams. 2. Gyrators. A gyrator, shown in Fig. 2-9(a), is a 2-port device. It is characterized by the following admittance representation: [ ItJ 12 = [_0g2 gtJ [VtJ 0 V2 (2-20) Based on (2-20), a gyrator can be realized by two VCIS, as shown in Fig. 2-9(b). A realization of a gyrator with gt = g2 using op. amps. is given in Fig. 2-9(c). In most cases of practical interests, we have gt = gz = g, and Fig.

Find the transfer functions of the three circuits shown in Fig. P2-1O. C2 C, I, R, 1 f- , i ~ I, 12 V2 - ~A 1 + + Y R2 V , I ~ Y - Fig. P2-10(a), (b) + V2 - (b) (a) 12 I 44 Chap. 2 Building Blocks C1 11 + v1 Rl C2 ~ R2 IV ~ i LY 12 + V2 - - (e) Fig. P2-10(c) 2-11. Find a hybrid representation of the 2-port network shown in Fig. P2-11. 11 VI + - ~ lY 12 + V2 :%~ Fig. P2-11 2-12. (a) Verify that Fig. 2-5(b) is an inverting VCVS. (b) Verify that Fig. 2-5(c) is a noninverting VCVS. (c) The circuit shown in Fig.

2-5 VoItage-controIIed voltage source. (a) Symbol of a VCVS. (b) An inverting VCVS. 24 I Chap. 2 Building Blocks + + (e) Fig. 2-5 (c) A noninverting VCVS. (b) A voltage-controlled current source (VCIS), shown in Fig. 2-6(a), is characterized by a relation IB = gcVA' Two realizations of VCIS are given in Figs. 2-6(b) and (c). In Fig. ~-y- I I Fig. 2-6 Voltage-controlled current source. (a) Symbol for a VCIS. (b) A ground-load VCIS. Chap. 2-6 (c) A floating-load VCIS. to speed up the transient response.

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