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By Jason W. Smith

Karl Marx spent the final seven years of his lifestyles attempting to reconstruct the precapitalist phases in social and cultural evolution together with the phases of primitive communism obscured in severe antiquity. He was hoping that such perception may well clarify why the German social democracy had long past instantly off onto the inaccurate course, That paintings is now accomplished during this e-book.

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Because, Marx (1867) proved it so in Capital Volume One , as far as capitalism (7) is concerned. We will check the formula against our data for the slave stage and in so doing we see this data also conforms. By conformity I mean under surplus value (in the Servitude Epoch stages) when we show the subcolumns of “X” and Profit (“X” = the next generation of machinery (NGM), it stands most aggressively against profit in the capitalist stage; “X” = the state, or army, navy and police, versus profit in the slave stage).

Surplus avoidance will be with us, underlying everything, for millions of years. In fact, until the last six thousand years it was the only way people had to handle the danger of too much produce inequitably distributed among a Band (or Tribe). , human labor ( Homo erectus ) t = hand ax technology V1 = cost of life V2 = cost of maintaining hand ax technology __ = the locus of the General Crisis which continues in the exact same form Comment on Process: It did not take millions of years and the doubling of our cubic centimeter cranial capacity to learn how to take a few more flakes off a stone core.

V1 = cost of labor-power V2 = cost of maintaining technology SV = surplus value: its distribution is the locus of the general crisis in this Stage. ) To the degree that the theocrats are also part of the high ranks, this is a “double dipping” for them. __ = Religion temporarily solves the problem of labor discipline in the production of surplus (now a definite necessity) but sets itself up as a factor exacerbating the increasingly complex division of social production. Comment on Process: Eventually, all the explanation and persuasion of the theocrats in justifying the social order, the division and distribution of surplus social product, (the nonsense in other words) from the priests and priestesses will be insufficient to assuage the anger and insight of the mass of farmers and other lower ranked laborer specialists.

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