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By Irene Elizabeth Martin

Birthplace of the state's canned salmon and the cooperative extension circulation, Wahkiakum County has a old importance extending past its borders. this present day it stands on the cusp of switch because the rural occupations of fishing, farming, and logging, upon which the county has depended, be afflicted by open air affects and demographic shifts.

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24 The two groups at the mouth of the Columbia, the Clatsops and the Lower Chinooks, spoke dialects of the Lower Chinook branch of the Chinookan family, indicating a link with the coast and a separation from the riverine peoples, the Wahkiakums and Cathlamets, just above them. Clams, oysters, and other shellfish, mentioned frequently as items of food among the Lower Chinook and Clatsop, are not found in the accounts describing the Wahkiakum, while meat from large game animals seems to have been of some importance in the Wahkiakum diet.

Williams ran out of regular newsprint when the Columbia froze solid and riverboats could not dock to bring him his supply. He printed the Cold Snap Bulletin for four days on irregular sheets of paper, so that locals might not be without news. In the pages of these newspapers and the others printed during the county's history community norms may be discovered. Each newspaper had several columns devoted to the affairs of various communities, which each had its own correspondent. Notices of ladies' lunches, teas, weddings, funerals, dances, lodge meetings, and visitors to the community all appeared regularly.

Cornwall's own description of newspaper publishing in a community accessible by neither highway nor railroad is worth reprinting: The paper was a curious mixture of small town happenings and business news. In the annals of western newspapers there has never been a publication like it. The young editor scorned such labor-saving devices as readyprint to lighten the burden of composition and insisted upon all homeprint. The back pages of the eight-page paper were devoted to news of the lumber and fishing industries of the lower Columbia River.

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