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By Katherine John

Pschological crime mystery

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Here’s the pathologist. ’ She’d heard a lot of stories about Patrick O’Kelly, and all of them had been reinforced by the compulsory post mortem that she, and every rookie, had been forced to attend. ’ Dan Evans pushed another mint between his lips, before stepping forward to open O’Kelly’s car door, as it drew to a halt on the lawn. ’ O’Kelly left the driver’s seat and heaved a battered wooden case from the back of the car. ’ O’Kelly glanced from the hole to the lawn around them. ’ He peered suspiciously at Michelle.

Peter didn’t hear her. ‘Well I’ll be damned,’ he muttered. ’ For the first time since Spencer Jordan had taken over the art therapy classes, the patients grew restless before the end of their allotted time. They abandoned their sketch pads, pastels and easels for the greater attraction of the police cars and the mysteriously veiled area on the lawn. Only Trevor remained apparently indifferent to the drama being played out in the grounds. Spencer allowed the group to disperse ten minutes before time.

Not Inspector Evans, Vanessa, but someone who looked like him,’ Peter broke in. ‘And we know about it because, thanks to you, we found her. You were right, and we were wrong. But she’s found now, and we’d like you to tell us what you saw. ’ ‘He buried her right there. Right in the middle… ’ she began to repeat what she’d said before, then, without warning, she said something that galvanised Peter and Dan’s attention. ’ They asked the question in unison. ’ ‘Where, Vanessa? ’ Peter asked. ’ She clammed her lips shut, and turned her back on him.

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